Whenever you are creating
beauty around you ,
you are creating your
own value

Express your unique store through "uniqueness".

"Uniqueness" is a service to support the promotion of fashionable stores such as hair salons, cafes, and dance schools by famous influencers such as foreign models.
Influencers such as models with many followers will get a discount on the services of registered stores when they become members of "Uniqueness", and in return they will upload photos and videos of the store on SNS such as Instagram. ..
Through their social media, your store will become widely known as a fashionable brand.
All "Uniqueness" services are currently free. Why don't you promote your wonderful shop through "uniqueness"?


ABOUT for female


Upgrade your lifestyle in Japan

Your beauty should be seen widely! Discover Japan with “Uniqueness” and share your experience with followers on social media.


Get discount to use stores

Contact the store and show the membership of “Uniqueness” to save from 5,000 to 20,000 yen while using your favorite service.


Take a chance to get job offer

Are you thinking of looking for a new job? Expand your network to get more options for your career. You can never predict who gives you another offer.


Registered store

Cafes, bar, restaurants, gyms, Beauty clinic,and more ...


ABOUT for store


Create fashionable and international image for your store

Foreign models, celebrities, etc. will tag your store on social media, in addition, when foreigners come to your store, the store becomes international.


Attract new customers to come

All female members, mainly foreign models, registered in Uniqueness, have over a thousand followers on their social media. They will upload photos at your store to Instagram etc.that can make your business incomparably popular!


Build your store's Instagram fashionable

Many customers want to see your Instagram page before coming. By renewing (or building a new) Instagram page for your store, you are reaching new customers.

Store registration

Registered Female

Foreign influencers living in Tokyo will send information about your store on SNS.

Store registration