• I want to register as a member

    First of all, please enter your information such as SNS name and SNS account name from the application form of the site.

    • 1. Click "Register" at the top of the website and enter the required information.
    • 2. After completing the input, click the Finish button, and an email will be sent to the registered address to the effect that the registration application has been completed.
    • 3. The operator will confirm the information entered within 48 hours and notify you whether or not the application is possible.
    • 4. You can use Uniqueness when you receive the registration completion email.
  • Can I use it without registering as a member?

    In principle, you cannot use it without registering as a member.

  • Is there a membership fee to become a member?

    All are free to use.

  • I want to check / change the membership registration details

    After logging in, you can check the registration details on the profile page by clicking the profile icon at the top of the website. If you want to edit, you can change the registered contents by clicking the "Edit Profile" button.

  • I forgot my password and want to check it

    If you have forgotten your password, please go to the login page to reissue your password.

  • I want to change my password

    If you want to change your password, please go to the login page to reissue your password.

  • I want to unsubscribe

    After logging in, click the profile icon at the top of the website to display the profile page. Click the "Setting Account" button and click "Delete Account" to enter the registered address to delete the account.

  • I haven't received the "registration completion email"

    Please check your junk mail folder. It may be automatically sorted to the junk mail folder or trash.

  • I made a mistake in registering my e-mail address and did not receive the "registration completion e-mail"

    Please enter the correct email address and apply for registration again.

  • I didn't remember registering as a member, but I received a "registration completion email"

    There is a possibility that another user has entered the wrong address. Please contact us once.

  • I can't log in

    If you have already registered, there is a possibility that the email address or password you used to log in is incorrect. Click "Forgot your password?" On the login screen, enter the address you registered, and reissue your password.

  • What value would it give to my company if I registered it on the Uniqueness website?

    Uniqueness members are influencers who are already connected with your target audience. People are more likely to engage with an influencer on social media. They know a company is trying to sell a product or service, but an influencer might be sharing a product because it’s something they use themselves. If those influencers recommend your company to their followers, you are already in touch with your potential clients.

  • What benefits can Uniqueness provide for my company?

    The most efficient way to build customers' trust is to share the experience of other people using your products or services. This way provides the benefit of conveying the information about your company to potential clients and the benefit of building good connections with already existing clients. Using Uniqueness service your company will get promotion from famous foreign models and influencers that will make your company popular speedly.

  • Will Uniqueness service help my company to get new clients?

    No matter how great your company is, customers want to know if they can trust the organization. A trusted referral influences people more than a broadcast message. By having promotions from influencers, your company will reach not just their friends, but also committed fans who crave to follow their lifestyle. In this way, your company can convience new customers to choose your company products or services and gradually increase sales.

  • Does Uniqueness build new SNS content for my company?

    Uniqueness service is a promotional service, you can use photos and videos those influencers take for your company but it doesn't provide full-fledged feed for SNS account. In case you are willing to recreate content, please, contact "TheAgent Japan" company.